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China'R' Concepts Ltd first and most important project is located at the Yizhang County in the Hunan Province. This mine was acquired by the company in 2009 but was only put into full production in 2011 after all the feasibility and reserves studies proved that the mine had an immense Tungsten (Wolfram) deposit.

China accounts for over 80% of world tungsten production; western world supply is very limited. China R Concepts is determined to become an important player in the world´s tungsten supply.

Tungsten, with a chemical symbol of W and also known as wolfram, is obtained traditionally by the reduction of tungsten oxide with hydrogen or carbon. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all elements except for carbon and its electrical conductivity is also among the highest of all metals.

As a consequence of tungsten metal’s properties, tungsten alloys are used in various application areas. Due to its hardness and extremely high heat resistance, is very applicable as a critical component for drilling tools or cut other metals and concrete. Its resilience to tremendous heat and high electrical conductivity makes tungsten optimal as essential temperature resistant components used in electronics such as LCD panels and telecommunication devices.

Tungsten, with crucial applications in telecommunications, industry, aerospace and military, has become a key strategic metal. A huge uncertainty over Tungsten supply has risen among worldwide processors and industry end-users. These factors have resulted in Tungsten being classified as a "critical raw material" by the US government.

Chinese domestic demand has increased to 150% over the past 10 years, and China has now become a large importer of Tungsten. This increase in Chinese demand, combined with a never ending western demand that has also increased, has strongly contributed to a rising Tungsten price.

China'R' Concepts Ltd is already looking to expand its Tungsten reserves as well as its production output. Negotiations for an adjacent mine are at the final stages, and news from that endeavor will be reported as soon as Novemeber of 2017.


Our mine was put into full production in


Chinese domestic demand has increased over the past 10 years


China world tungsten production


Global tungsten reserves in million tonnes

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