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Volta Grande Project

The Volta Grande Project is China'R' Concepts Ltd next step towards becoming a leading Rare Metals exploration and development company. This mine is located at the Minas Gerais state in Brazil. It was fully acquired by the company in 2014 and is expected to go into full operation as early as March 2018.

This project is focused on extracting two of the most important and scarce Rare Metals in the world: Tantalum (Ta) and Niobium (Nb). This opens up the next chapter forward on the company´s path of expanding its portfolio and horizons.

Tantalum and Niobium are widely used in the technology industry mainly for capacitors for electronic circuits (medical appliances, automotive components, portable electronics, LCDs, etc), chemical process equipment, cathodic protection, prosthetic devices for humans and ceramic capacitors among others. They are also used as metal alloys in the aerospace and electricity-generating industries. Overall, approximately 70% of annual world consumption of Tantalum and Niobium are used in the electronics industry.

The United States Geological Survey estimated in 2013 the world reserves of tantalum at a total of 158,000 tons, and the total Niobium reserves totaled 480,000. For both minerals, the largest world resources are found in Brazil with approximately 60% of that figure. The Minas Gerais state is known for having the majority of these reserves, and that world´s largest mine are located near the Volta Grande Project.

China'R' Concepts Ltd designed the open pit flow sheet and started site construction for the plant in 2013. Estimation for operating costs, ore processing, water management and other overhead costs have already been assessed and approved by the board. Metallurgical testing begun in July of 2014 and the feasibility study resulted in an estimated production of 3,000 tons of mineral ore per day. The potential life of the mine was calculated at nearly 17 years.


The United States Geological Survey estimated in


The world reserves of tantalum in tons


The largest world resources are found in Brazil


Total Niobium World reserves in tons

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