China'R' Concepts Ltd commitment to sustainability is entirely related to the sustainable development and growth of the neighboring communities in which we operate. Consequently, we are additionally committed to keep further working as a team with our shareholders.

As an evident example of our conviction that generating economic, environmental and social value is crucial to the prosperity and competitiveness of China'R' Concepts Ltd, in 2012, we integrated the notion of sustainability into the chores and responsibilities of our Corporate Affairs.

This significant step allowed us to reinforce the sustainability strategy as a main area of focus that affects the whole company and confronted us with the challenge of boosting our entire management team, so that they will constantly overlook and audit all acquired commitments and implicate all responsible areas, while contributing support to our Sustainability Committee.

The goal of our model is to increase the good reputation within our shareholders to establish synergies and support for our corporate strategy; meanwhile, contributing to the sustainable development of the areas in which we operate.

Our corporate mission is to always meet our customers needs by ensuring the supply of our core product offering consistently out strips demand. However, environmental consciousness and sustainability are equally important to maintaining the future of the company and the world in which we live.

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