Corporate Governance


Independent directors make up the majority of the Board of Directors.

The company has been divided in three major branches; Operations Director, Financial Director and Explorations and Investigations Director. Two other executive directors are appointed for legal matters and consultancy respectively.

Since 2010 China'R' Concepts Ltd has adopted a new way to delegate authority across the organization to ensure that the responsibility for the decisions and activities of each process is clearly defined.

Four new parameters successfully implemented

  • Implementation of in-camera meetings of independent directors.
  • Appointment of a co-director who presides and makes decisions in the absence of the primary director.
  • Development and implementation of a skills matrix for directors.
  • Strengthening of the formal evaluation process and creation of a training program for directors.

China'R' Concepts Ltd is constantly evolving and updating these governance policies to ensure growth and efficiency throughout the company.

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